car compliance

Quality Car Compliance done right the first time.

If you’re in the business of importing vehicles, then you know a Vehicle Compliance Certificate is required to register the vehicle and drive it on New Zealand roads.

Whether your imported vehicle is American, Australian, British, Japanese, or European we can comply it. Car Compliance is your one-stop-shop where you can get your vehicle complied and have any certified mechanical repairs undertaken quickly.

We have the latest equipment onsite to ensure you are offered the best in quality compliance and safety.

We can organise pick up and delivery of your vehicle from home or your freight forwarder.

We also have a large secure vehicle storage site suitable for dealerships. Click here to contact us


what we offer


car compliance

With over 10 years experience in vehicle compliance we can guarantee the highest qulaity of workmanship.


repair certificates

We have an onsite NZTA approved repair certification technician offering a fast turnaround.


underbody sand blasting

We have a purpose built underbody sand blasting facilty oniste with a commercial sand and dust extraction system.


Dealerships Welcome

We have a large onsite secure storage facilty suitable for dealerships and large volume compliance requirements.

our main services

  • car compliance

    Leading compliance technical team ensures the best in workmanship and experience.

  • repair certificates

    NZTA approved repair certification centre.

  • underbody sand blasting

    Purpose built underbody sandblasting rust removal facility with commercial dust and sand extraction system.

  • Secure storage facility

    24 hour security monitored onsite storage facilty suitable for dealerships and large volume compliance work.

  • Safety First

    10 year experienced compliance technicians ensure the safety of your vehicle, you and your family.

  • Latest Computer Technology

    Our latest computer scanning and wheel alignment technology ensures your vehicle is complied to the highest standard.